Insert Mode Insert Mode

How to draw in insert mode.

Curves Curves

How to interpolate curves in Vim3D.

Reflection Reflection

How to set up reflections in vim3D.

Computing Normals Computing Normals

Computing normals and smooth normals in vim3D.

Area Lights and Soft Shadows Area Lights and Soft Shadows

How to control area lights and soft shadows in vim3D.

Anti-aliasing Anti-aliasing

How to control the anti-aliasing settings in vim3D.

Normal Mapping Normal Mapping

How to render using Normal Maps in vim3D.

Texturing Texturing

How to texture objects in Vim3D.

Raytrace Raytrace

How to kick off a raytraced render in vim3D.

Refraction Refraction

How to set up refraction when rendering with Vim3D.

Channels Channels

How to use channels to perform mathematical calculations are control geometry objects in a scene.

Splitting Windows Splitting Windows

How to split windows vertically and horizontally in Vim3D.

Rendering Rendering

How to write out a sequence of framebuffers to files on disk.

File IO File IO

Writing out geometry and channel files, and reading them back in.

Sweep Sweep

How to sweep a cross sectional geometry along a path.

Extrude Extrude

Extruding lines and faces in Vim3D.

Object Hierarchies Object Hierarchies

How to use object hierarchies in Vim3D.

Follow Path Follow Path

How to get objects to follow along a path in Vim3D.

Perlin Noise Perlin Noise

How to create Terrain in Vim3D using Perlin Noise.

Copying Copying

How to copy objects in Vim3D.

Animation and References Animation and References

How to set up animation and references between parameters of objects.

Lookat Objects Lookat Objects

How to create Lookat Objects in Vim3D.